Monday, November 13, 2006

My shop (and everyone else's) has been down all weekend for the upgrade to version 2. I'm so anxious to see it! The admins have released some screen shots and given us all an overview. It's going to look so good! I just really can't wait to get into my shop and see what it's all about.

In other news - I've sold or traded 15 things! That seems like a milestone to me. I've also passed the 2,000 views mark on my shop. I'm no bazillionaire but I'm making some money and having a great time. Even though my son is only 2 months old, I've been able to stay creative. I think starting this shop this summer was such a great addition to my life. I have to thank my two sisters - my younger sister introduced me to Etsy and my older sister got so excited when I talked to her about it that I just dove right in and got started.

I'm also doing a mostly Etsy Christmas this year. I've already bought a bunch of things that I'm super excited about. Actually, I went on a little spending spree last week so the mail should be fun this week. I'll probably get a package a day. Too bad they aren't for me! :) You should all consider Etsy for your Christmas gifts. They have something for everyone! And, a wide price-range to boot.

Keep checking Etsy to see the newest upgrade! You'll need to copy and paste these links - the first is the Etsy homepage and the second is my shop:

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