Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sew a fabric book cover

It's a hack-job, no doubt. But I love it!

This is a journal my mother-in-law bought for my husband. He wasn't using it so I took it (with permission). It was originally a leather journal with a long leather strap (same button). It wasn't ugly but I just couldn't stand touching it. It felt grainy, like bits of leather were coming off and sticking to my fingers. It's not just because I'm a vegetarian - I don't think anyone would have liked that.

So, I grabbed some of my favorite red fabric from my stash, cut it out to (sort-of) the right size and did a quick and dirty blanket stitch along the folds at the top and bottom of each cover. I took off the leather strap and made a new one from wool yarn. I also added a piece of yarn to work as a bookmark. Turned out great!
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  1. I made some of those for a class at the Yarn Store. I used felted sweaters.
    Great way to personalize your stuffs. and when the journal is full, you can reuse it!


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