Sunday, January 11, 2009

More craft tools = more craft fun

Look at what I made with my new spool knitting kit! I bought these for my kids and niece & nephew. We've made 3 flowers, a fish, and a snail. The snail is my favorite.

This seller was so generous and helpful. Every time she runs across another idea for how to use the i-cord, she sends it to me! She's so sweet.

These are fun and easy to use. What an easy way to make i-cord! I tried stuffing a pipe cleaner down the middle of the i-cord to no avail. Then I thought maybe I'd just knit the pipe cleaner right into the i-cord and it worked great! I'll get some pictures next time I do it. We encased some pipe cleaners in the i-cord and then the kids can shape them however they want.
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  1. Great idea with the pipe cleaner!


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