Sunday, February 01, 2009


I decided to dye some of my targhee roving about two weeks ago. I need purple. I need a purple scarf. I wanted to dye some of it lavendar, some of it medium purple, and some of it totally saturated really dark purple. So I got out my baking dish, my microwaveable bowl, and my crock pot. I got out my grape kool-aid and started dying.

As you can see the blue and red was soaked up at different rates. I am not real sure about how this is going to turn out. I've started predrafting it and it's looking much better. But, I might have to go back to the store and over dye the yarn. My adventures in dying have taught me one thing - learn to let go of the idea and instead work with what I got.
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  1. Xtremely frustrating, I know. I took a whole bunch of disappointing roving , spun it all together and got a v.satisfying yarn. I think that's the miracle of this craft.


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