Thursday, July 16, 2009

My red sweater

My garter yoke cardi is coming along great! In fact, I have only to knit the ribbing on one sleeve and then I'm on to the finishing. I made some changes to the pattern such as these increases at the bust (I'll post a full list of mods when it's completed).

I got a great tip from and old episode of the Knitmore Girls podcast. Jasmin mentioned that she likes knitting her sleeves two-at-a-time. I was almost to the elbow on the first sleeve when I got started on the second. I'm so glad I did this!

- I could more accurately decide on the length of the sleeves since I had two arms with sleeves to look at in the mirror.

- I was much more motivated to knit (it's really hard to start that second sleeve).

- I could make adjustments to tension, guage, size as I went instead of realizing it at the very end of the project.

Clever thinking!
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  1. It's going to be so great!

  2. This is looking really good!

  3. Nancy McGinley is seriously the coolest person I know.

  4. thanks for all the support, you guys!


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