Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello, Beautiful!

I found a tin filled with my old glasses. This pair was my favorite. Let me set the scene: 7th grade (1988). Small town Wisconsin. Nerdy girl goes big on style.

I remember feeling very hot in these glasses. It may have been the first time I knew I was wearing something hot. I have rarely felt as stylish as when I wore these glasses.

Do you have something you remember owning, loving, and now don't quite understand the fascination?

P.S. The gray shirt slung over my shoulder is a vintage Givenchy found at a garage sale. I bought it thinking, "I own a designer something!" I really tried to make this shirt work for me. I tried so hard. In the end I sold it at a flea market. The girl who bought it rocked that thing! I also sold a couple of my vintage bags at that flea market. These two bags sold to one of the most adorably fashionable women I've ever seen in St. Paul.

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