Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lamp Shade

Look what article went up on Re-Nest today!  I love to recycle and reduce whenever I can.  We have been using CFL bulbs in my house for years.  I live in an old house (built 1919) with some original light fixtures.  Sounds great, right?  CFL bulbs should not be fully enclosed by a light fixture AND they are longer than incandescent bulbs so they didn't fit in the old fixtures.  I had bare bulbs on my ceiling for longer than I'd like to admit.

Using steel wire from the hardware store, a wire nipper tool, a lamp shade, and some ingenuity I was able to cover my bare bulbs without fully enclosing them.  All you need to do is wrap some wire around the wire in the lamp shade so that it hangs from the light.  My fixtures (right by the ceiling) had holes for screws.  I just hung the wire through those holes.

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