Friday, June 29, 2012

The World's Easiest DIY Necklace Tutorial (make jewelry in under 3 minutes)

Do you ever feel like you want new jewelry AS you are getting dressed?  There's no time to go buy something or make something for the day, but you have something that is almost right.  I get this feeling quite often!

You can use jewelry you already own and make a new necklace in fewer than 3 minutes.  Ready?  Set?  Go!

So easy, right?  You can wear the necklace for the day and disassemble it when you get home so you still have your original necklace and bracelet for the next time you want to wear them.  Here are some more ideas for how to mix and match your jewelry:

Look at the difference in a long or short chain!  This bracelet is a great bracelet and a very bold necklace.

This bracelet is one of my upcycled bracelets (it used to be a belt).  I don't wear it as a bracelet anymore - I think it's a great necklace!

This is a bracelet I made a long time ago.  It's strips of t-shirt wrapped around rings from the hardware store.  It is not a great bracelet but it's a super funky necklace!  I think it might get some more time in the sun since it can be a necklace, now.

Have fun assembling new necklaces!  I'd love to see them - post a link in the comments!


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