Friday, August 03, 2012

Friday DIY: 5 Button DIYs

Hello and welcome to another edition of Friday DIY!  Today's edition is inspired by the wonderful BUTTON!

Buttons.  What can you say about the humble button?  They can be plain or fancy.  They can be tiny or ridiculously large.  They are both functional and decorative.  They create obsessive behavior in crafters!  Let's see about 5 button DIY tutorials:

Want to make your own buttons?  Here are two tutorials for making your very own custom buttons.

These are made with shrink plastic.  Aren't they wonderful?  Obviously, the crafter behind these buttons knows a thing or two about design.  LOVE the VW bus!

Scissors.Paper.Wok made these buttons.  I highly recommend checking out the blog - it's awesome!

What about some buttons that don't require heating anything up?  Diane Gilleland created this great tutorial over on CraftStylish.  Make your own Dorset buttons!

Fiber artists will probably be all about these buttons as they could be used as appliques (gorgeous on a hat), made into brooches (hello destashing!), or used to match the buttons to your new hand knit sweater (I mean, REALLY match the buttons to your sweater because they are made out of the same yarn!).

You probably know Diane Gilleland from her wildly popular podcast, Crafty Pod.

So, you don't want to make your own buttons but you want to use the buttons to make something else?  Well...

Jazz up your house plants with button flowers! I think kids would really like picking through your button stash and creating these.

What about making some art for your walls?  A simple google images search (button art) will provide you with endless inspiration!  Here's a tutorial for this adorable elephant art from Busted Button.

And what about these votive candles from iHanna?  If you are looking for a weekend project that you could make quickly, this may be it!

Enjoy your weekend!  As always, if you make any of these DIYs, I'd love to see them!  Just post a link in the comments.

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All photos are property of original owners.  I did not write these DIYs or take these photos.  I collect DIYs and pass them on to you!


  1. the buttons are cute! i love that blue elephant and balloon. so creative <3

  2. Aren't they adorable? I don't have a huge button stash but I think I'll make some button art - maybe a tree?


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