Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yarn Along

Hello and welcome to my Yarn Along post for the week!  Ginny over at Small Things hosts this lovely Yarn Along each week.  If you knit or crochet, you should hop on over and link up!  How is your knitting going?

I'm still reading the same book (Just Like Usand working on the same project as last time. I have finished the back piece and can get started on knitting the "flowy wedges".  My Ecuador vest is off to a slow but great start!  The next few weeks will be very busy with finishing two classes and starting two classes and cleaning my basement and going on vacation.  Knitting again is really helping to keep me calm and happy.  :)


  1. Love that color! It's like the sea :)

  2. Beautiful colour! I wish I could knit but I am absolutely useless... I've tried a few times but it just never seems to work out. I tried making a scarf and it was all over the place, skinny at one end, fat in the middle, even fatter at the end. I gave up! ;)

    1. Oh dear! That's exactly how my knitting started. A beginner's knitting is certainly...unique. :)


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