Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photo Clip Cozies

Look at this cuteness!  I have some of these photo clips left over from my last craft fair.  My sister and I did that craft fair together - she is a paper artist.  I work in textiles and don't feel like I should have these paper items on my table.  They just don't fit the theme!

So, I've been knitting photo clip cozies!  I'll post the pattern when I get one completely finished.  I already have five fails under my belt (this picture shows a cozy that just didn't go high enough).  You'd think for such a small item it would have been an easier project!

UPDATE:  I just linked up this project over at Frontier Dreams.  Nicole hosts Keep Calm and Craft On every week and this is the first time I've participated!


  1. Hello there! I found you via KCCO- What a fun little project! And that purple color is too-yummy! I'm sharing a sweater this week. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm a sucker for purple. :) Off to check out your sweater...


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