Saturday, October 06, 2012

Craft Fair Display: Take 2

Here's a look at my newest craft fair table display.

This is one of the shots I took with my phone after I had gotten the display looking how I wanted it.  If you do craft fairs, I highly recommend setting everything up in advance and photographing how it looks.  That way, on the day of the fair, you don't need to be rushing around and trying to design it with only a short set-up time.

The biggest change from my original craft fair setup is in the necklace corner of the table.  At the last fair I mostly sold bracelets and tiny star bottles.  I think it was because people could pick them up and look at them.  All the necklaces were attached to the big black display last time and hardly anyone bought a necklace.  This time, I have them sitting out where people can hold them.

This side shows my bracelets and decorative items (star bottles, pom pom flowers, and pencil cozies).  I like having the table separated into distinct halves.  It should help people browse more easily.

My first craft fair of the fall season is in one week!  Join me at Handmade Harvest in St. Paul (at the Linwood Recreation Center)!

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