Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Etsy is a never ending pit! I swear, I spend hours every day just looking at things. I mentioned it before but the site was so inspiring to me! It's really fun to see what other artists are doing. I troll around looking for neat items but also to learn how to set up my shop well. Here are my favorite parts of Etsy:

The SAMPLER! Oh baby! I love looking at the "recently sold items" and the "random items". Fun fun fun!

I also love to watch the scrolling pictures at the bottom of the home page. It shows all the recently posted items as they come in.

I just found the forums last night. That is going to really cut into my time. :) The link is on the very top of each screen (on the left). Oh no! I just looked at Etsy to double check that info and I found the Etsy blog! That'll be another thing to spend time on....

I would also like to direct you to a few of my favorite shops. They really inspire me to try new media and to stretch myself as an artist:

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