Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I found out about Etsy a couple weeks ago from my sister. I went out to the site and got so inspired! I used to be really artsy - writing music to perform locally, doing water color, knitting, painting, sewing...Since I started working full-time I just lost the creative push.

Seeing all the great work out on Etsy inspired me to start creating again! WOW! I feel so great. It's so fun to sit down at my desk, look at all my scraps of everything, and create something from it. I've started a book of ideas and it's crazy long. Just a little push has really set me in motion.

So, I worked for a couple weeks on some items to post. I finally had some ready, the descriptions written, and the pictures taken. I sat down to post them and felt SO nervous! I was actually shaking a little bit. How odd! I think it's because these are things that I make that are usually only shared with family and friends. Putting them on Etsy was like debuting them.

So far, everything is going well! I am getting a lot of views which makes me feel very happy.

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