Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I HAD MY FIRST SALE!!!!!! She bought my Alien Guitar Pick Holder. It was by another artist on Etsy so I'd really like you to go check out her shop.

You can either go to Etsy and search for Shelece or this link will take you there:

Shelece’s awesome shop

This is very exciting. It really feels like a foot in the door. It also feels like an addiction. Now, I just want someone else to come buy something. Oh no! I can't be stopped!!!!

In other news, I stood on my sprained ankle yesterday! I actually took a few steps without the crutches. Today, I walked from the kitchen to the livingroom! It still swells a lot when I don't lie down but it isn't painful very often. Sewing machine and photo tent - here I come!

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