Friday, August 18, 2006

Pom Pon Jewelry

And, here it is! My funnest, most useless creation yet! I have been so in to pom pons lately. What is it about them? They're fuzzy, they're small, and they're versatile. I want to add them to every hat and now I've taken it one step further and made jewelry with them! I posted a listing for rings, bracelets, or bobby pins. I think they are just adorable. I also posted a listing for pompons as supplies. We'll see if anyone else loves them as much as I do! :)

My sister helped me brainstorm ideas for how useful these things could actually be. Prepare yourself to be amazed:

1) Make enough little rings to use as a party favor for a little girl's birthday party. You could fill little candy dishes with them and use them as a centerpiece. Then, when it's time to go, the girls can just pull out a ring!

2) Get one of those styrofoam spheres from Michael's and pin pompons all over them for a nice little centerpiece.

3) Put them on bobbypins! I think these would be particularly cute stuck in a french braid.

4) Attach to hats, purses, key rings, booties, ends of scarfs, ANYTHING!

5) Fill sugar cones with the bigger pompons to make it look like icecream.

6) Just wear them because they are adorable.

Any more ideas from the folks out there? Posted by Picasa

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