Sunday, August 06, 2006

I just broke 200 views on my shop! That's so exciting to me. It's like I had a gallery show and 200 people showed up.

My little bag of kid sized bracelets is also doing very well. I’m so glad!

I'm still really anxious for a sale but I'm not quite so obsessive about checking my shop. Now, I'm down to checking it just a few times a day. That's such a lie! I really do check it less in the past couple days but to say I only check it a few times is quite the understatement. :)

I've been working on a bookmark lately. I got the idea to make it from Arlo. His bookmarks are a totally different style than mine (I'll post a picture of mine as soon as it's done). But still, he gave me the idea to try one and I have to show my appreciation! You should read his bio while you are at his shop. He sounds like the best kid of all time.

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