Sunday, August 20, 2006

My newest items are bobby pins! Aren't they great? I really hope they sell. If the alien/robot doesn't sell I will freak out! Follow this link to see them:

I also fixed a couple of my pictures. I found a "white balance" setting on my camera that really fixed the pink hue that was in my pictures. However, now they are all a little blue. I guess I'm back to the drawing board! The photos are definitely the hardest thing about this.

I would also like to add that the people on Etsy are soooooo nice! Everyone is super helpful and kind. It's a great community and I hope you all consider supporting these artists and crafters. They are not only talented, they are kind! Posted by Picasa


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    These are really cute, but the pictures are kind of blury. :( Also, I had an idea for you. Have you thought about decorating hair clips as well as bobby pins? That way people can choose the type of hair fastener they like. :) Either way, I think these are great!

  2. The pictures. Ug! I'm really struggling with getting good pictures up. I bought a photo tent and lights - that wasn't magical. I found the "white balance" setting on my camera - that wasn't magical. My sister is coming back from El Salvador this week and she's a photographer. I think I need her help.

    And, thanks for the suggestion of also offering hairclips! I'll try to get my hands on some. I appreciate the compliment, too. I still feel nervous putting my crafts out for the world to see. It's sort-of like performing.

  3. Hey Nancy,

    I've gone through the whole rigga-ma-roll of learning how to photograph my work for slides -- I could probably answer lots of questions you might have (I was super psyched when it was my own slides that got me into the kick-ass shows I did this past summer). I did a bunch of research before I started taking my own images and I consulted my uncle who's a professional photographer a bunch. You can feel free to give me a call and pick my brain if you like.

    Just a note on the blur factor -- you need to have a macro lens to take up-close photos of small things. I'm assuming you are using a digital camera -- your camera probably has a macro setting (the one on my camera looks like a little tulip). Also when you use the white balance if you get a grey card and have the camera adjust for the lighting with the grey card it really helps (which may be what you are talking about when you said you found the white balence setting). Feel free to give me a call if you want.



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