Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is my newest item. I seriously thought this sprained ankle would slow me down. But, boy do you spend a lot of time sitting around when you can't walk! I can't get downstairs to work on my new purse or my alien hairpins so that's sad. But, I can work on little things like the lipstick case. I am also working on baby doll hats. They knit up really quickly and I’ll only charge $10 for them.I decided that my best chances for a sale are if I have a wide price range. The most expensive things are my adult hat, toddler hat, and shoulder bag. These each took about 5 hours to make so I think the prices are right. I have other things from $5 - $25.

I am starting to doubt my pricing. I think most of the stuff on Etsy is underpriced. A friend of mine sold a hand knit sweater for $250 and there are people on Etsy selling them for $50. Anyway, I am just starting to doubt whether my things are worth what I’m pricing them at. I think this is all just because I really want a sale! I know it’s only been two weeks but I need validation! :) Posted by Picasa

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