Saturday, August 12, 2006

Handknit hat

This is my newest listing. I mentioned it a few days ago as the hat that started only as a white hat but that my husband and I decided it needed more flair. I hope it got the flair! I hand-sewed the green verticle stripes into the brim. Whata pain that was! I wanted to tie off the ends but that didn't work so I had to sew each one in. I think I had to sew in about 40 tiny ends along the brim!

I wasn’t going to post on a Saturday thinking that people really didn’t spend their Saturdays on-line. But, then I saw how many other Etsian artists were posting and thought I’d do an experiment. I figured Friday and Saturday would be the worst time to post since most people would be spending their time doing something other than sitting on the computer. We shall see… Posted by Picasa

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