Saturday, September 09, 2006

Guitar Pick Holders

Announcing the return of the guitar pick holders! I have one with a girl scout patch (any one know what this means?) and one that’s just a cutie little floral design. I decided to price the ones without any added designs a little lower. They take less time to make so it made sense to do it that way.

I have a bunch more of these in the works. They were my first two things to sell. I’m hoping I start a guitar pick holder revolution! Every rocker in the country is going to need one of my bags.

I’m also working on some more bobby pins. I just learned to crochet a little bit (it’s fun!). So, I have a pretty flower bobby pin in the works. I’m heading to Michael’s today to buy some stuff to make magnets and bobby pins.

I’m still having so much fun it should be illegal! It’s so fun to be creative again. The ideas just keep coming. And, knitting is the sort of thing you I can do a little at a time so I’m not really slowed down by having a kid at home. I just knit when I can and suddenly…a hat is born!

I’ve also priced some items lower in my shop or offered free shipping. I’m not going to be making any more lipstick cases or trinket boxes (too hard to figure shipping and they just don’t really inspire me anymore). I’m also not going to be sewing any more big purses. Designing them and sewing them takes about 7 hours which is time I just won’t have once this baby is born. So, I’ve lowered the prices on them too. I don’t like how cluttered my shop is looking so I want to get the “old” ideas out and make room for all the new stuff I’m doing. Posted by Picasa

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  1. I remember that patch! I think it was for dective work or science maybe. Definately NOT for nosing into my big sister's business!


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