Monday, September 04, 2006

Kid's Hat

Yeah baby yeah! This is my newest newborn hat. I love it!

Speaking of newborns…I’m 3 weeks away from our due date. I’ve been crafting like crazy. I wanted to have a bunch of things finished so I could continue posting every now and then after he’s born. I have another baby hat almost done, a bunch of paper bookmarks, and some guitar pick holders. I think I’ll have enough finished that I can post once a week for a couple months. It’s a huge drop in posts but it’ll do!

I also got business cards! I’m sending out about 200 of them to other Etsy sellers who will send them out with their items or will take them to craft fairs. Gosh, I hope spamming the world with my business card will get me some sales! Posted by Picasa

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