Sunday, July 27, 2008

I love my spinning class! I'm having so much fun. There are only two other people in the class so we're getting a lot of individual attention.

I was really stuck on how much twist to put into the fiber. I felt that I could draft pretty well but that I just didn't trust the quality of my yarn. I was also getting really worried that it was all about counting twists per inch (boring for me). I talked to my teacher about this and she showed me how to do a ply test (just letting a piece of yarn ply back on itself). She asked if this was yarn I'd like to knit with. The yarn was fluffy and the plies were pretty open so it looked like my needles would just split it in half as I knit. So I added more twist and tried the ply test again. Looked really good! She asked again if it was yarn I'd like to knit with. And I was like, "What about the twists per inch and the angle of twist?" She just smiled and said, "Is that yarn you'd like to knit with?" Bing! Light goes off in my head and now I'm so excited about spinning!!!

I am currently working on a skein that I'll try to ply and then photo. I'm really proud of how this yarn is turning out.

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