Saturday, January 10, 2009

I feel like I'm returning to my old way of crafting. I used to have a huge stash of random things: fabric, clothing, yarn, string, thread, wire, buttons, spools, patches, clamps, hinges, glasses, etc. I'd get inspired to make some art or apparel and I'd just start working. After selling on Etsy for awhile I crafted with new materials. I'd get a vision in my head of what I wanted to make and then go out to buy the materials I needed. Now, I'm returning to being inspired by the materials I have on hand.

I think this may be a crafting New Year's Resolution for me. I would like to work with the materials I have here at home. I would like to make art for my home (or just useful items) more often instead of just apparel.

I already started by weaving some dishcloths. I have a little bit of acrylic yarn and some cotton in colors I don't like. These balls of yarn have been sitting in the stash for at least 8 years. I was thinking that I needed more dishcloths so straight away got to weaving some with my stashed yarn. They are working great!

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