Friday, March 20, 2009

Milestone time!

BEHOLD! 590 yards of 2-ply sport weight (I think - I haven't calculated the wpi yet) hand dyed, hand spun yarn.

The colors aren't quite right. I tried photographing this yarn twice and just couldn't pick up the depth of color. No matter.

There's a lot of variation in this yarn. From the color to the size. I still think it'll knit up great into a scarf. I'm casting on today!

This yarn took me 6 weekends to make. I don't have a whole lot of free time but I squeeze it in when I can. I think this yarn represents about 25 hours of my life. Time well spent, I say!
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  1. are some authentic woodworker who doesn't use power tools. That yarn looks awesome, and so natural -- it LOOKS like it was worth 25 hours!

  2. You guys are so supportive!


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