Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some extra crafting time

I've had some extra crafting time these past couple days. It's been so fun! I started working on ducklings for Easter presents. The one above was made with wool. I liked how he turned out but I wanted something a little softer and maybe a little more fluffy.

So I tried some cotton boucle. Poor duckling. He doesn't look so good.

But this pattern on Kat Knits' blog is so fun! She has directions for making bunnies, too. I'm already trying to figure out how to make cats. And with just a few changes I think I'd have a really pretty pear. It only takes maybe an hour to knit.

I've been on a yarn fast thinking that I should just knit down my stash before embarking on anything else. But the duckling was so cute and I really wanted the right yarn! So I hit Michael's today looking for something fuzzy. I'll post my attempts with that yarn as soon as the duckie is finished.

My other craft project today was making reusable snack bags. I hated how much tupperware we were using (the top rack of the dishwasher is always full with lots extra to hand wash) and I didn't want to use disposable plastic bags to hold snacks. Enter the snack baggie! I used fabric from my stash and some new iron-on velcro.

They are yet to be tested but I predict they will work well and I'll be making more.
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  1. I have had snack bag on the brain too. Maybe I'll get some done by the time daily lunch-making comes along.

    hey, when do you have spring break? the kids would love a play date.


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