Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One of the things that has kept me away from blogging...My garden!

My sister-in-law helped me to create a little container garden in the back corner of my yard. This area had been a pile of overgrown grasses and vines for 5 years. Plus, we'd just been throwing our sticks back there. It was a brambly mess. I had originally thought to just clean it out and plant grass seed and when my SIL suggested a garden my original thought was, "No way! Who has time for that?" Then she told me about Square Foot Gardening. I was on board!

Our first job was to make the containers. The main container is made from last year's kiddie pool that was left out over the winter. It no longer inflated and instead of throwing it away, it became a liner for my garden. The walls of the garden are made from the bricks we've had stacked behind our garage for years.

The other containers were made from plastic bins that were broken or simply no longer useful.

The wooden edging was made from a warped and discarded wooden edge (from the front yard) and a broken 2 by 4. All I did was dig a trench, drop the wood in and back fill it. Then I stamped around for awhile packing the dirt down. I wonder what the neighbors thought of that dance.

Then, came the grass seed. It took more than a week to sprout but sprout it did! It is looking so good back there!

Do you have things laying around your house that could be upcycled into a garden?
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