Friday, August 19, 2011


Hi everybody! I am so happy to be back. The power supply for my laptop quit working so I've been without my computer for about a week. I've borrowed my husband's computer to do my work (getting ready for the school year!) but otherwise I haven't spent much time on the internet. Honestly, not a bad thing...

I made a couple new necklaces and took a new, bold bracelet out for a spin. The pictures show the necklace I made from a Spanish peseta I brought home from my study abroad in Granada, Spain. I have a bunch of coins from the different countries I visited back in 1997. I'm planning to make them into necklaces and rings. All those countries use Euros now so these coins are purely sentimental.

The other necklace (the chains) is actually a thrifted choker and a bracelet. I clasped the ends of the chains together and made them into a necklace. (I never liked the bracelet and the thrifted chain was too short.) Don't be afraid to turn bracelets into necklaces! It takes about 1 minute to pick them out and link them together. Plus, you don't have to keep them as necklaces. Try it!
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  1. I love coins with holes in the center.
    I have some Kroner somewhere and I think I'll join you in some currency jewelry.
    You fancy lady, you.


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