Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Man Fashion

I am really enjoying The Midwestyle: a blog about men's fashion.  Midwestyle is curated by a team of fashionable and funny midwestern men.

Their recent Back to School/Work post was really fun.

 Men's fashion is often overlooked on Etsy.  I admit that I rarely make anything for men.  That being said, I had a garage sale this weekend and a man bought one of my bracelets.  I hadn't considered it unisex but when he put it on, it looked great!

Go check out The Midwestyle and pay more attention to men's fashion.

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  1. I made Dave look at that link with me one night. We were fascinated. Those guys are so cool. Their photo shoots were awesome. Dave said he felt a little like an inept loser because his mom still buys him most of his clothes, but I told him not to be too hard on himself.


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