Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday DIY: 5 DIY Croquet Ideas

This weekend is my family's annual family reunion and croquet tournament.  That's right - croquet tournament.  My husband's family has been doing this reunion and croquet tournament for over 20 years.  We've traveled around the country, from house to house, visiting and playing croquet.

You might think of a prissy little game where everyone wears white, the women hold parasols, and everyone drinks iced lemonade.  It might be like that when you throw a croquet party and everyone pretends it's the 1890s.  That's not how my in-laws play it!  It's much more like the croquet played in Alice in Wonderland and a lot less lady-like than most people think.  It's cut throat.  There's a trophy.  There's a lot of strategy.  There's trash talk.  There's a lot of competition.  And, there's a lot of laughs and fun!

In honor of the annual family reunion I've assembled 5 DIY Croquet ideas:

Thistlewood Farm came up with a great DIY project for turning a croquet mallet into a hook.

You can use croquet balls to make photo holders.  Junk Market Style has an easy DIY tutorial.

And, look!  You can make your own flamingo croquet mallet!  Instructables member Peterdaughter wrote up an easy-to-follow tutorial.

By the way, if you are  not on instructables, you should be!  It's a great site full of DIY.

To go along with your flamingo croquet mallet, you are going to need some giant playing cards to turn into wickets.  (Full disclosure, I have never bought these playing cards and don't know their quality.  They look like a good size to turn into wickets.)  Use some stakes to hold the playing cards in an arch and you're all set!  This  picture is from Lark & Lola.  Cute, right?

And, finish up your croquet party with some croquet ball cake pops!  These cake  pops from Sweet Lauren Cakes are so fun!  If my husband and I ever host the croquet tournament I am definitely making these.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!  Get out and play some croquet!

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  1. How I love that Lark & Lola site! Thanks for introducing me :)
    Your Friday DIY are lots of fun too.
    When shall we spin? My wheel is finished!!!!
    Have fun croquet-ing!


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