Thursday, July 19, 2012

More vintage fabric necklaces

I have so many beautiful vintage fabric necklaces ready to list in my shop!  The bigger pendants are pretty much all photographed and just waiting on some editing.  The tiny pendants are still waiting to be photographed.

These are the two I just listed.  I love them both.

This necklace seems very patriotic.  Could this fabric be from 1976?  I know my grandmother bought up a lot of bicentennial items.  I was born in 1976 (in July, no less!) so I got a lot of patriotic gifts as a child.

Isn't this necklace bright and cheery?  I had a few squares from this same fabric so I was able to make a couple bracelets and necklaces from it.  (This tiny pendant comes from the same fabric.)

Are you interested in reading more about the fabric I use in my jewelry?  Click here to read my post.

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