Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday DIY: 4 Things to Make for Your Home

Hello!  Welcome to Friday DIY!  This is a new feature on my blog and I hope you like it.  I spend a lot of time finding DIY inspiration on the internet.  Come back every Friday for another edition of Friday DIY!

DesignSponge is one of my very favorite websites!  They post lots of DIY ideas and (my favorite) before-and-after photos.  Look at this great shelf made from an old wooden ladder!  This would be so easy to make!  I've often thought of doing this very thing in my garden with an aluminum ladder and wire shelves.

DesignSponge also has this super idea for an ongoing calendar/memory box.  I am going to do this with my kids!  I'm a teacher in addition to being a mother.  I want to mention that this would be a great activity for increasing your child's interest in reading and writing.  Any authentic opportunity to write (and BONUS! it's connected to their person life and interests) gives your child a boost in literacy.

I think I would also add photographs to the box.  Watch the blog - I'll post my version of this idea when it's done!

Look at these gorgeous little boxes I found on Heirlooms by Ashton House!  This blog does not have any DIY information (as she bought the boxes) but I think these would be pretty simple to make.  A saw, strong glue and some clamps ought to do the trick!  They would be great for holding jewelry, craft supplies, and other tiny bits.

Here's another great storage idea!  This time it comes with a detailed tutorial.  Netoflak came up with this idea in order to organize her daughter's hair clips, ties, and bows.  This would be lovely in the kitchen or craft room, too!

I hope you enjoyed this Friday's edition of Friday DIY!


  1. wow i love home stuff,my mom would love too :)

  2. I'm glad you like it! Post a link if you or your mom make any of these!


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