Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Star Bombing: #1

I have long wanted to participate in a type of street art by which artists leave bits of art around a city for people to discover.  I first heard about this type of street art when I learned of Knitta Please.  Another one of my favorite examples is the Pothole Gardener.

I have considered so many ideas for what to leave about town.  I was thinking about it again last night when I finally decided what to do.

These little bottles made a big stir at my first craft fair.  Everyone who saw them brightened up.  One customer said, "I didn't know I needed a tiny star in a tiny bottle!"  There is something about them that just makes people happy!

I went out on my morning walk today and took a little bottle with me.  I left it on a bench.  

Lucky for me, I wasn't too far away when I heard a woman say, "Oh!  Look at this!"  I peeked back at her and she was handing it to a little boy.  I could see how happy it made her and what an unexpected surprise it was.

I was happy for the next hour.

I left a note with the bottle to ask the recipient to e-mail me that they'd found it.  I don't know if I'll ever hear back from anyone but if I do, I'll update the blog post.  I'm going to change my wording, though.  I know where they will find the bottle (I put it there).  What I'd really like to know is a little bit about the person who found it and where they are keeping it.  

I truly hope it brightens the day of the people who find these little bottles.  

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