Monday, August 20, 2012

Kids' Art Gallery

Kids get a real boost in their feelings of success at school when their work is displayed in classrooms and in their homes.  I'm sure you remember how it felt when an adult set aside some wall space for your own projects.

When kids decide which pieces of work are the best or most important (or just their favorite), they learn to evaluate their own work.  They learn to see what is amazing in their own work without needing the praise of an adult to know.

I made some spots in my children's room for them to post their own projects.  It's easy to do!


ribbon or yarn
clothes pins

All you need to do is nail the nails into the wall and then tie the ribbon or yarn to the nails!

Kids can use the clothes pins to put up their own art.  The clothespins make it really easy for kids to rearrange, switch out, and display their own work.


  1. That's a great idea, especially as I have no more room left on my fridge!

    1. The fridge fills up pretty fast, doesn't it? Plus, my fridge is in a high traffic area of the kitchen so papers get pulled down all the time. It looks so messy and papers end up on the floor. The art galleries in the kids' room (and in the hall outside their room) have made a big difference.

  2. awesome idea! I was trying to figure a way to hang the paintings


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