Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday DIY: 5 DIY Paper Ideas

Hello and welcome to another edition of Friday DIY This edition is inspired by the imminent start of school.  Schools are full of paper!  Here are some fun things to make with paper:

I love this idea for making your own pads of paper from Practically Functional.  I would make these using all the paper that's only been printed on one side - great way to reuse all that paper!

I think kids would love making pads of paper from construction paper, drawing paper, even junk mail!  You could make them in different shapes and crazy colors.  This would also be a good way for kids to make their own story books!

And what about these adorable paper earrings?  Dollar Store Crafts does it again!  The only change I would make to this tutorial is that I would attach the paper beads to thin chain instead of thread.  I think the thread would get caught up in your hair.

Turn ordinary string lights (AKA Christmas lights) into beautiful paper lanterns with this tutorial on Instructables.

Use beautiful pictures of world-wide destinations to make your own light up paper village.  FellowFellow  put together this creative tutorial and it took the internet crafty world by storm this past winter.  Start collecting your magazine photos, now.  The days are getting shorter...

And, for the grand masterpiece of them all...The paper pendant lamp from Meg Allan Cole.  Seriously, you could take this in so many directions.  What about using parchment paper for a diffused look (and it could handle higher temperatures)?  What about adjusting the paper around a wire cage to keep it even farther away from the bulb?  What about paper doilies wrapped and layered?

Enjoy your weekend!  As always, if you make any of these DIYs, I'd love to see them!  Just post a link in the comments or e-mail a photo to kibbles.n.knits (at) gmail (dot) com.

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All photos are property of original owners.  I did not write these DIYs or take these photos.  I collect DIYs and pass them on to you!


  1. Wow loads of really fab things, I especially love those lanterns

    1. My niece and nephew have these lanterns (made by a friend). They are beautiful!

  2. wow this is so creative! nice way to spice up my room :D


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