Sunday, August 05, 2012

Pencil Cozies: Back to School, Knitter Style

Aren't these silly?  I made a bunch of these for the last craft fair I was in.  They were a big hit!  Some are with commercial yarns but a lot are with my own handspun.

I like to say that when you have hot ideas these will keep your hands from getting burnt.  (I know.  Don't judge me.)

Knitters - want to make some?

Cast on 5 - 8 stitches (depending on the thickness of your yarn).  Join and knit in the round to desired length.

They take very little time to make and they put a smile on people's faces.

You might think i-cord is a good idea.  It's not.  It doesn't look good and it's really fussy.

Send me pictures if you make some!  You can link to your own blog post in the comments or e-mail me a photo kibbles.n.knits (at) gmail (dot) com.

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