Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stacked Bracelets

Have you been noticing all the arm parties in fashion magazines and blogs?  I jumped on that trend the first time I saw it.  I've always loved the look of "too many" bracelets.  But, until recently, I didn't like being very flashy.  Check out this guide on A Pair and a Spare to get ideas for your own arm parties.

Two of the bracelets in this stack are upcycled from items I found at thrift stores and garage sales.

This one used to be a belt:

This one used to be a really long, really ugly necklace:

I love these two bracelets and wear them almost every day.  Since I made them from longer chains, I am selling some identical bracelets in my shop.  I love wearing one-of-a-kind, or one-of-a-few items.

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